Where the money from the MITRA Music for Nepal download album and online auction has been used so far

MITRA Music for Nepal is proud and happy to announce that money collected from the download album for Radha Paudel’s Action Works Nepal is being used at a grass-roots level for her much needed female-focussed Foundation project founded in 2016.

10270773_859809394044174_922139092021904737_nRadha Paudel

‘The organisation focuses on rural transformation, opposing discrimination of menstruating women and rape and violence against women. It also addresses citizenship rights for women and supports campaigns against child marriage’

Here’s a short film about the courageous work that Radha Paudel undertakes that your money has gone to support.

Unfortunately, Radha Paudel has recently been involved in a serious accident in Jumla but is now thankfully recovering in hospital.  We all send her MITRA love and wish her a speedy recovery.


Animal Nepal received the rest of the proceeds so far raised and we received this message:cleardot.gif

‘Animal Nepal is truly grateful for you kind support; a heartfelt thanks on-behalf of our furry fiends.  Your support enable us to reach out several needy animals.’

If you want to know more about the worthy work that Animal Nepal do, prepare yourself for the ‘awwww’ factor and watch this video.

To all you wonderful MITRA Music for Nepal supporters, on behalf of Anni & Cathy, the many artists involved, and the Nepalese good causes that you have supported:


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Two Years On in Nepal: MITRA Part Two

It’s two years today since disaster first struck Nepal, and the country is still rebuilding after the devastation.
In response to this, MITRA100+ is the second stage of MITRA Music for Nepal as we look to increase the download album from the 76 currently available to over 100 tracks! Anni Hogan is currently pulling together yet more musical marvels. 
MITRA100+ is on its way! Watch out for the announcement…
MITRA Music for Nepal features world class artists such as Billie Ray Martin, Dave Ball, Marcella Detroit, The The, Nick Cave, Ryuichi Sakamoto and many more.
All the monies raised will raise more funds for our two charities Action Works Nepal and Animal Nepal.
Here’s a recent article from the Himalayan Times about the work of Animal Nepal:
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Nepal, two years on

Just under a month away from the second anniversary of the earthquakes in Nepal, the work to rebuild the country continues.

In the next few weeks there will be some special MITRA news to announce… and don’t forget you can still help by buying the download album and merchandise.

Take a look at the fantastic work of the charities which MITRA supports:

Animal Nepal and Action Works Nepal


The team at Action Works Nepal

Together through MITRA Music for Nepal we’ve raised nearly £5,000, all thanks to gifts, volunteer efforts and donations!

And back to you soon with our special news….

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Buy some Winter Warmers and help out Nepal at the same time!

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Missed the last Christmas post?

Then treat your friends and family to the MITRA download album and help Nepal at the same time: https://mitramusic4nepal.wordpress.com/download-album/

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MITRA Merchandise

T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags and baseball caps: buy your brand new MITRA Merchandise here and help Action Works Nepal and Animal Nepal with much needed funds at the same time.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 18.26.15.pngScreen Shot 2016-11-15 at 18.26.23.png


Please take a look, please do some shopping and please spread the word!

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The MITRA Auction and Shop is now CLOSED

The MITRA Auction and Shop is now CLOSED. Many many thanks to these wonderful people for their generosity:

Mandy Smith and The Gutterhearts! Peter Hulme, Ian Perryman, Brian Sherrard, Katia Isakoff, Kevin Mckimmie, Leon Clowes, Peter Parkinson, Andrew Bloor, Helen Goodier, Laura Callaghan Grooms, Lesley Bourne, Sarah Eite, Sarah Jackson, Sarah Milan, Danny Garton, Adele Drake, Jo Hinchliffe, Trish Dever, Lindsey Donoghue, Val Denham, Tim Anderson, Caron de Burgh, Jeff Birgbauer, Alison Shalaby, Andrew Harris, Dicky Decides, Cathy O’Dowd, Michelle Chambers, Anni Hogan, Jeremy Reed, Elaine Chambers, Jasmine Birtles, Leon Clowes, Kim Golson, Katherine Ives, Kate Elizabeth Emery, Leanne Manfredi, Natalie Wilson, Neville Farmer, Martin Bowes, Wolfgang Flür, Billie Ray Martin, Annie Nightingale, Ilme Vysniauskaite, Andy Carroll, Cathi Unsworth, Heidi Bang Tidy, Lady Wildflower, DJMissChivers, Andi Sex Gang, Raf Mantelli, Richard Smith, Derek Forbes, Ariel Sima, Diego Sima, John von Ahlen, Billy Houston, Suzie Zabrowska, Robin Chilcott-Legg, Angela Eagle MP and Robin Rimbaud. http://ow.ly/i/jaGuG

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