Nepal Earthquakes – 6 Years On

Six years ago today, the first earthquake took place that caused the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal for nearly a century.

In response to this, climber Cathy O’Dowd and musician Anni Hogan joined forces and many musicians came together for the fundraising download album: MITRA Music for Nepal.

‘Mitra’ means ‘friend’ in Nepali.

Extended to over 100 tracks last year, MITRA Music for Nepal – Extended features world class artists such as Janis Ian, Billie Ray Martin, Dave Ball, Marcella Detroit, The The, Nick Cave, Ryuichi Sakamoto and many many more.

All the monies raised go directly towards Animal Nepal.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased and contributed to MITRA Music for Nepal so far. Together we have raised thousands of pounds helping the disaster relief in Nepal.

You can still buy the album via the link below, and on Bandcamp Fridays every penny goes directly to help Animal Nepal.

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Six Years Since

The Nepal Earthquakes that devastated the lives and homes of so many happened in April 2015.

MITRA Music for Nepal was established in response to raise funds for Animal Nepal.

Today is Bandcamp Friday so all proceeds from the download album today go directly to Animal Nepal.

For just £10 you can own or gift a download album of over 100 alternative music tracks, including exclusive music from the likes of Janis Ian, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nick Cave, Billie Ray Martin, The The, Richard Strange, Anni Hogan, Dave Ball, Marcella Detroit, Jarboe, and many many others.

By buying MITRA Music for Nepal, which you can purchase here, goes towards supporting this work.

You can keep updated with Animal Nepal’s activities by following them on Facebook and Instagram. If you would like to support their work directly, you can donate by: PayPal –

HAPPY BANDCAMP DAY from MITRA Music for Nepal!

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MITRA Autumn 2020

‘Mitra’ means ‘friend’ in Nepali.

Earlier this year, the MITRA Music for Nepal compilation album was extended to raise even more money for animal welfare in Nepal. Now, over 100 pieces of alternative music are available at the total price of £20.

Songs include ones that have been specially gifted from Janis Ian, Nick Cave, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Matt Johnson, Marcella Detroit.

MITRA Music for Nepal – Extended is available for purchase for you, or to send to friends as gifts, via this Bandcamp link:

If you put a date in your diary to buy the MITRA compilation on October 2nd, the next Bandcamp Friday, all Bandcamp fees are waived too.

Here’s a selection of some of the new tracks by artists on the MITRA Extended album:

Billie Ray Marton, photo by Jörn Hartmann

‘Queen of electronic soul’, Billie Ray Martin brings the beautiful ballad ‘Wishing You Well’.

Founder of Doctors of Madness (‘the missing link between David Bowie and the Sex Pistols’) Richard Strange contributes his heart-rending live acoustic version of ‘Triple Vision’.

MITRA volunteer and interdisciplinary artist Leon Clowes revisits teenage electronic angst in Damian’s Deviants’ ‘Healing Process’.

Janani is the collaboration of MITRA co-founder Anni Hogan and Jan Pulsford. The duo have donated an album of eight ambient musical landscapes. Click here for the video on MITRA’s Facebook page of ‘Cloud Gathering’, one of the shimmering tracks. Janani’s ‘Music for Waterways’ album is only available on the extended MITRA collection.

All money raised by MITRA goes to Animal Nepal. The non-profit believes that all animals have the right to live a life free from pain, suffering and human cruelty. Animal Nepal works through carefully designed interventions, animal rescue and advocacy.

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Thank you from Animal Nepal

Animal Nepal has written to say to everyone who has been involved in MITRA Music for Nepal Extended:

‘Thank you very much for generously supporting the efforts of Animal Nepal. Your contribution will help us to provide treatment and other medical support for needy animals.’

Here is a short film about their work:

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Thank You

Animal Nepal sent this:

Letter of Appreciation from Animal Nepal.jpg

To pass onto each and every one of you:

Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 20.25.10.png

And none of this would have been possible were it not for all of the musicians and artists who contributed the 105 tracks that comprise MITRA Music for Nepal.

Marking the weekend of the fifth anniversary of the devastating Nepal earthquake, today is the final day that this incredible compilation of over eight hours of fantastic music can be bought for £10 only:

So THANK YOU. For listening, contributing and purchasing. You really made a difference.




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LATEST: Janis Ian gives a song to MITRA


Janis Ian is the latest musician to join MITRA Music for Nepal

Last night, the most fantastic news came in. Legendary folk singer and activist Janis Ian committed her support to MITRA Music for Nepal. Janis has suggested we use her beautiful – and fitting – song ‘Better Times Will Come’. It is a perfect new conclusion to the MITRA Music for Nepal extended download album, and we are humbled that Janis has chosen to be involved on this day that marks the 5th anniversary of the Nepal earthquake.

It is humbling to have your support Janis, most especially today.

It is the fifth anniversary of the Nepal earthquake today.


Janis Ian photo by Lloyd Baggs

This afternoon, MITRA co-founder Anni Hogan will be chatting live at 2.30pm (14:30 UK time) with her Janani collaborator Jan Pulsford. You can listen to that here on: plus the radio station is playing the MITRA Music for Nepal extended download album all day today.


From midday until midnight today (from 12:00 UK time) , Reel Rebels Radio ( will also be playing the MITRA Music for Nepal Extended album in its entirety. This will interspersed with a new rare funk and retro soul programme at 5pm (17:00 UK time) – Douglas Noble’s ‘Rotation’ show. Then,  9pm (21:00 UK time), there will be a radio show that Anni Hogan made with MITRA Volunteer Project Manager Leon Clowes about her album last year ‘Lost In Blue’.

If you haven’t already bought MITRA Music for Nepal, you can get the full extended album this weekend only for £10 (now including the Janis Ian song too!). Please encourage your friends and family to do so as well. LINK TO PURCHASE IS HERE:

If you have already bought the album, all of the extended version is already available to you, so maybe you may want to donate to Animal Nepal (our chosen non-profit who will receive all donations) directly. In which case, you can do that here:

To finish today’s update, are the words to Janis Ian’s song that’s she’s given to MITRA. Again, thank you so much Janis, it’s just incredible to have you on board.



Words & music Janis Ian 

Better times, better times will come. Better times, better times will come. When this world learns to live as one, oh, better times will come 

When we greet each dawn without fear knowing loved ones soon will be near When the winds of war
cannot blow any more 

Oh, better times will come 

Better times, better times will come. Better times, better times will come. When this world learns to live as one, oh, better times will come 

Though we live each day as our last we know someday soon it will pass We will dance, we will sing
in that never-ending spring 

Oh, better times will come 

Better times, better times will come. Better times, better times will come. When this world learns to live as one, oh, better times will come 

Better times, better times will come. Better times, better times will come. When this world learns to live as one, oh, better times will come 

Oh, better times will come 

Words & music by Janis Ian, © 2020 Janis Ian (BMI) All rights reserved; used by permission 

Janis Ian 1974 Peter Cunningham.jpg

Janis Ian in 1974 (photo by Peter Cunningham)

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the MITRA journey continues today

The extended MITRA Music for Nepal download album is out today. You can buy the whole album or individual tracks now on Bandcamp now through this link.


Billie Ray Martin was the first artist to contribute music to the new extended MITRA album with ‘Wishing You Well’.

To mark the 5th anniversary of the Nepal earthquake, for this weekend only, the full album, featuring over 100 alternative artists including Nick Cave, Marcella Detroit and Ryuichi Sakamoto, is available until Monday for only £10 (and £20 after).


hackedepicciotto‘s stunning piece ‘Sisters’ is included on the new MITRA release

There is over two hours worth of evocative electronic, sublime ambient and startling sounds. All new music with many tracks being previously unavailable. The new material on the extended MITRA album has music by these artists in this order:

Attrition (watch the specially made video here) / Caroline Jago / Peter DuggalParralox featuring Jane Badler / Farmacia / Rupert Lally / Billie Ray Martin / hackedepicciotto / The Bounding Main / Damian’s Deviants / Jeremy Reed and the Ginger Light / Richard Strange / Caesar Gergess / Lilybud / Robert Solheim / Akoustik Timbre Frekuency / Konchog Gyaltsen / Temple Music / The Gray Field Recordings / Kurt Baggaleyand to conclude, a full length 8-track album from Janani (Jan Pulsford + Anni Hogan)

The links above take you directly to artist websites, Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages. Special mention to Sombre Soniks for music by a number of contributing artists.


Richard Strange has given a live acoustic version of ‘Triple Vision’

Tomorrow from midday, if you tune into Reel Rebels Radio (online at from 12:00 UK Time, there will be a twelve hour MITRA Marathon all day until midnight. The entire MITRA Music for Nepal download album will be played, interspersed with a special programme focussing on the recent album of MITRA co-founder Anni Hogan. There’ll also be a brand edition of Reel Rebels Radio’s Rotation, from DJ Douglas Noble.

Thank you Douglas Noble and Alicia Graham of Reel Rebels Radio for making this happen. The full schedule will be announced tomorrow.


All money raised from MITRA Music for Nepal Extended will go to Animal Nepal.

Previous purchasers of MITRA Music for Nepal can access these 28 new tracks for no extra fee. If you do wish to make a further donation, please donate directly to Animal Nepal through this page.

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Nepal: 5 years since the earthquake

The non-profit that the MITRA Music for Nepal initiative supports – Animal Nepal – describes below the current plight of animals in Nepal during these days of COVID-19:


‘The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented levels of uncertainty and hardships worldwide, one that most of us have not experienced in our lifetimes, and as such this has been a real test of each country’s ability to respond to the needs of its citizens. While the health and safety of people remains paramount, ensuring the well being of animals whom we have domesticated and thus made them wholly dependent on us is also equally important.

Perhaps, in the fight to contain this pandemic, developing countries like Nepal face the added challenge of safeguarding thousands of our stray animals such as dogs, cats, cows and human dependent wild animals like monkeys and birds, whose usual source of food such as restaurants, businesses and passersby is no longer available. Nepal also has a large number of working animals such as donkeys, mules and horses, most of whose owners are daily wage laborers. Nepal has been on a nationwide lock down since 24 March 2020, with only essential services being allowed to operate.’


Saturday 25th April is the fifth anniversary of the Nepal earthquake.

To further help Animal Nepal continue their vital work, the MITRA Music for Nepal download album is being re-released on Friday 24th April, this time including over 90 tracks. Over 15 of the MITRA artists have contributed brand new music.

Join the Facebook MITRA 5th Anniversary event to be part of this.


As before, all monies raised will go directly towards the animal relief effort in Nepal – MITRA is entirely volunteer led and run.

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Help Animal Nepal this Black Friday

Animal Nepal has a message for everyone who has bought or contributed to MITRA Music for Nepal:

‘Your donation is very much appreciated and thank you for always thinking of and supporting us!’

All money generated from MITRA Music for Nepal will go to Animal Nepal, so this Black Friday, why not buy some great music and help animals in Nepal at the same time?

MITRA is available on all major platforms:


We’d like to thank all the MITRA artists, Sub Culture Records our distributor, everyone who has already bought the album, and all our supporters who have believed in this project since the very first day!

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MITRA Music for Nepal: Summer 2019 update

The end of April saw the fourth anniversary since the Nepal earthquake disasters that devastated so many lives. in response to this, MITRA Music for Nepal is a project co-founded by musician Anni Hogan and climber Cathy O’Dowd to raise funds to help the disaster relief efforts. Four years on, the artists and music-loving supporters of the MITRA Music for Nepal download album have assisted women and animals in some of the hardest to reach parts of the country, so far raising over £5,000 for grass-roots work and activism.

The money raised has been distributed to two causes (The Radha Paudel Foundation and Animal Nepal) and here’s an update of their recent work:


Radha Paudel (picture above) tirelessly campaigns and advocates for the human rights of Nepali women. Chaupadi is a Nepalese practice that marginalises and banishes girls and women to cowsheds during their monthly menstruation. The ‘banished’ are exposed to predators both animal and human and suffer the consequences of inclement weather. A fundamental cultural shift is needed to overturn Chaupadi as being viewed an acceptable practice, and Radha is working at the grass-roots to make this happen.


In this short documentary we see two young women and how they have dealt with Chaupadi and witness Radha’s passion and activism to abolish the practice.

You can find find out more about Radha’s Foundation here and follow her campaigning on Twitter here.


We wish Radha all the best in her incredible on-going work that is empowering women in Nepal, and are glad that MITRA Music for Nepal has been able to provide funds.

The other non-profit supported by funds raised from MITRA Music for Nepal is Animal Nepal.


On 31 March, two Terai disticts, Bara and Parsa were devastated by the first ever recorded Tornado in Nepal, which killed 28 people and injured over 600. As with all natural disasters, along with human casualties, many animals were also affected, especially livestock and equines.

A team from Animal Nepal gave needs-based medical support to the injured animals in Bara, most of which had fractures and wounds. Animals requiring longer-term care were put under the care of a local vet technician and Animal Nepal left behind medical supplies.


You can find out more about Animal Nepal on their website here, and this is their latest newsletter. MITRA Music for Nepal is pleased to have also been able to help Animal Nepal’s ongoing work.


The MITRA Music for Nepal download album is still available to purchase through this link, with all proceeds going towards the work of The Radha Paudel Foundation and Animal Nepal.

Many thanks to everyone who everyone who has contributed so far, be that in providing music, auction gifts and in donations. With best wishes from Anni, Cathy and Leon.


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